Heroes in Overwatch 2: Using Awesome Skills!

Heroes in Overwatch 2: Using Awesome Skills!

There are a lot of cool heroes in Overwatch 2, and each one has their own cool skills. Let’s learn about the amazing skills of three heroes: Brigitte, Bastion, and Baptiste!

Heroes in Overwatch 2: Baptiste: The Stranger Who Heals

  • Surge of Regeneration

To get better? Baptiste will look out for you! To heal yourself and your friends over time, use the Regenerative Burst. Everywhere you go, it’s like a healing party!

  • Field of Immortality

Having a tough time? If you throw the Immortality Field gadget at your friends, they will fight until the end. Remember that it can be broken, so take care of it like your favorite video game character.

  • Amplification Chart

Want to make the weapons stronger? You can project the Amplification Matrix to make your team’s weapons do twice as much damage and healing. It sounds like success is turned up to eleven!

  • Exo Shoes

He can jump higher than ever if he holds crouch. With these cool Exo Boots, watch him fly through the air. Just think about what could happen!

Heroes in Overwatch 2: Bastion: The Tank That Changes Itself

  • A-36 Battle Grenade

The A-36 Tactical Grenade from Bastion is a fun way to have an explosion. It can stick to floors and enemies or bounce off of walls. Get ready for a mess of plans!

  • Changing the settings

Bastion can walk like a normal hero and fire a fully automatic machine gun at the same time. Being able to walk and talk is like being a powerhouse. What a noise!

  • Setting up Assault

Need more powerful weapons? Bastion can change into a tank and fire a minigun while it’s moving. Get ready for war with this powerful set-up!

  • Strong as steel

Baset isn’t scared of getting hit. The damage he does is 20% less in Artillery and Assault modes, making him hard to beat.

  • Setting up Artillery

When Bastion is rooted to the ground, it becomes a powerful weapon. You can fire three shells anywhere on the map to hurt your opponents and make chaos.

Heroes in Overwatch 2: Brigitte: The Stable Warrior

  • Fix Pack

Brigitte has the power to heal! To heal a friend for a short time, throw the Repair Pack at them. It helps your friends out like a band-aid!

  • A Whip Shot

Need some space to yourself? With the Whip Shot, you can throw your flail forward and hit enemies away. Leave those who aren’t welcome!

  • Defense Wall

When you hold down the right mouse button, a frontal energy barrier appears to protect you and your friends from attacks. Warriors, put safety first!

  • Bash the shield

Once the Barrier Shield is up, use the Shield Bash! Run forward and hit any enemy that gets in your way. What a strong push!

  • Get together

Are you ready for a boost? The Rally ability of Brigitte not only speeds you up, but it also protects close allies. It’s like a power-up for the whole team!

  • Get people excited

When you hit an enemy with your club, magic will happen. When you use Inspire, your attacks become a way to help your friends get better. Brigitte takes care of many things at once!

In the end, it’s game on!

With their cool skills, these Overwatch 2 heroes take fun and excitement to a whole new level. Prepare for an epic game experience whether you choose to heal with Baptiste, change with Bastion, or help with Brigitte. Time to play, SLOT GAMPANG MENANG!